Here at PFI Western store, Home of BootDaddy, we’re big fans of some of the great boots being made right here in the USA by companies dedicated to superior quality and the American worker.

When you purchase boots made in the USA, you are buying from businesses that value craftsmanship and have an undying commitment to quality. Many companies like Double H, Justin, Tony Lama, Anderson Bean, and Lucchese, who all operate factories in America, have craftsmen and women who have worked for them for decades perfecting their craft. So strong is the heritage at some of these factories, that you will find multiple generations from the same family working side by side. These people don’t just punch a time clock; they are true artisans who learn to practice their trade with skill and precision.

The heritage of these brands extends beyond the people making the products too. Many of them combine the time-tested techniques of the past with the cutting edge technology of today in the pursuit of creating extraordinary products that exceed expectations. All of this really means one thing; the American made boots you buy were likely handled with the same pride and passion that you will feel in owning them.

Check out these 10 cool boots that are made right here in the USA by our friends, family, and neighbors:

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