This month we’ve brought on the color with three new killer BootDaddy cowboy boots by Anderson Bean. These fellas have everything you want in a stand out riding and all-purpose boot: a stylish, low profile square toe, double stitch welts, uniquely colorful stitch patterns and tops, and three super versatile and durable vamp leathers. So let’s break it down and check out why every guy should own at least one pair of these unique BootDaddy boots by Anderson Bean.

Reason #1

We’ll kick off with the bright and summery American made BootDaddy Collection with Anderson Bean Turquoise Bulldozer Cowboy Boot and the BootDaddy Collection with Anderson Bean Purple Bulldozer Cowboy Boot. These boots are great for riding and kicking around wherever your trail takes you thanks to their sturdy feel, tough wax and oil tanned leathers, double stitch welt, leather sole, 1 ¼” heel, 12” shaft, and low profile square toe. These are some seriously durable boots.

These Anderson Beans ain’t just tough though, they also sport a truly unique style and worn in finish that other boots just can’t give you. Combinations like brown bison and turquoise stitched with a bright pink and purple Cyclops pattern, or pampas chocolate and purple highlighted with neon blue, green, and orange stitching, mean you won’t have to worry about standing out. Also, each pair of these boots have been stone washed in a tumbler filled with pumice stone to create that broken in, vintage look and feel you really want. Thanks to this process and the way it softens the leather, your break in time for these boots will be dramatically reduced. You’ll know that no one else’s cowboy boots will look quite like yours.

There are so many great little details on these boots like the orange contrast piping on the chocolate and purple bulldozer, or the soft, textured leather tops that we could talk about all day. But, it’s time to move on to our next pair.

Reason #2

What do you get when you mix an elephant with a sasquatch? A pair of bad to the bone cowboy boots, that’s what! This pair of BootDaddy Chocolate Elephant cowboy boots by Anderson Bean are serious show stoppers with buffed chocolate elephant vamp, tan “sasquatch” leather tops, and our unique brave stitch pattern in neon green and red. These boots, like the previous styles, are great for almost any occasion thanks to the soft, but extremely rugged buffed elephant vamp, double stitch welt, and leather sole construction.

The unusual leather top on these boots, which we call “sasquatch”, is actually a hide that has been pressed and stressed to create a truly awesome, scarred and worn pattern on the leather. This pattern adds a sense of patina to the boots that says easy, relaxed, and cool.

The tough chocolate elephant looks great with a dark pair of denim, especially with the red stitched toe medallion that pops against the chocolate toe and blue of your jeans. Or you could tuck your jeans in to show off the one of a kind tan and neon green tops.

Reason #3

All three of these American Made cowboy boots from Anderson Bean and BootDaddy look great just about anywhere. However you choose to wear them, there’s no doubt that you’ll be looking good in any of one these new arrivals only from PFI Western Store, Home of BootDaddy.