It’s all about the bragging rights at the 2nd Annual Magnificent Mule Jump at PFI Western Store home of BootDaddy on Saturday June 20th at 1:00 pm. Presented by Cinch, the bar is set high for these mules coming from Michigan, Arkansas, Iowa and Missouri to compete for over $5,000 in prize money.

This free event, for both spectators and participants, showcases mules that can jump over five feet from a standstill.

The Magnificent Mule jump will be divided into divisions:

Mini Micro & Micro Mules: 40 inches and under

Small Mules:                           40.1 to 52.3 inches

Large Mules:                           53 inches and over

Plus, an “Amateur” and “Pro” category in the “Large Mule”

Mule jumping originally began when raccoon hunters taught their mules to jump fences on hunts. The riders dismounted, climbed over the fence, placed a blanked on the fence so the mule could see it and urged their mules to jump over.

Mule jumps today have mules standing in front of a canvas curtain placed on a horizontal bar and jump from a stand still. Mules must come to a complete stop for one second before attempting a jump.

For information regarding mule registration, contact Les Clancy at (417) 343-9412.