We here at BootDaddy are thrilled to announce a new boot addition to our BootDaddy line of products. Teaming up with leading bootmaker Ariat to design this unique boot, we are proud to introduce the all new BootDaddy with Ariat and Kryptek Camo Sierra Wide Square Toe Cowboy Boot.

In this new boot Kryptek's special camouflage takes things to the next level by providing reduced visual acquisition through a complex combination of scientific principles, field testing, and proven camouflage concepts. By utilizing a multi-directional design, Kryptek's innovative camouflage concepts incorporate sharp geometrical foregrounds and transitional shading to generate an effective three dimensional effect for optimal concealment.

PFI Western Store, home of BootDaddy, is proud to offer the exclusive BootDaddy with Ariat and Kryptek Sierra boot for our local and online customers. Built like work boots for a hunter, each of these high-performing products offers a wealth of tactical and practical benefits, including ATS® Max technology for superior side-to-side stability and improved performance or durability. They also feature slip-resistant soles, rugged leather construction for enhanced durability, and ScentMask™, which blocks human scent from even the most suspecting prey.

A worthy addition to the BootDaddy line of superior western products, the BootDaddy with Ariat and Kryptek Sierra boot is available for pre-order now by calling 800-222-4734, or available online and in-store this August.