On Larry's Country Diner, we brought in our BootDaddy "Tough as Nails" Boots. We designed these custom boots for PFI Western Store, and our partners at Double H Boots helped us bring them to life. These cowboy boots feature a 150 Abrasion outsole, which makes them great for knocking around the barn in. We call them the "Black ICE" outsole, known for their incredible comfort and stability.

Until September 08, 2020, you can get one of these BootDaddy Boots on a Larry's Discount--only $129.99.

Click Here to Enter the $4500 Shopping Spree

PFI Western Shopping Spree

PFI Western Store is celebrating our 45 year anniversary! We invite you to celebrate with us. This year, we're giving away a $4500 shopping spree at PFI Western. To win the prize, simply submit a guess with how many horseshoe nails you think we're storing in a glass jar. You can guess online, or come visit us in Springfield, MO, to get a closer look at the jar.

The next 10 closest guesses (without going over) will each with a $450 gift card. The winner will be chosen on December 20th, so get your guesses in!

Ring the Bell

For our Larry's Country Diner fans, we're also giving away a free bottle of our BootDaddy BBQ Sauce. All you have to do is ring our "Diner Bell" when you enter the store. We look forward to chatting with you!

Performing Artist: Jenee Fleenor & Mike Johnson