BootDaddy Twisted X Shoes

This is the first time that we've brought our limited-edition BootDaddy Twisted X Shoes to Larry's Country Diner! We love this line of footwear because you can keep the iconic look of a cowboy boot with a more laid-back profile. They're actually so lightweight and flexible that you can bend them in half!

Did you know that Twisted X is one of the most eco-friendly brands in western footwear? Their shoes feature made with genuine leather and environment-safe synthetics to eliminate the need for hard adhesives. Plus, the ECO TWX collection cleans up 12 plastic bottles from the ocean for each pair that's purchased. As of last year, Twisted X recycled over 1.5 million trees. We're privileged to work with such a great team that helps keep our planet healthy and clean. Huge shoutout to our friend Brandon for joining us for this episode! 🙂

Stay tuned for our BootDaddy Twisted X Shoes!! In the meantime, click here for our in-stock styles.


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Ring the Bell at PFI

For our Larry's Country Diner fans, we're also giving away a free bottle of our BootDaddy BBQ Sauce. All you have to do is ring our "Diner Bell" when you enter the store. Let us know if you saw this episode or if you're looking for BootDaddy Twisted X Shoes. We look forward to chatting with you!

Performing Artist: Many Barnett



Twisted X Shoes at PFI Western Tent Sale

It's almost time for the PFI Western Tent Sale! Twice a year, we host a HUGE sale in our parking lot. If you're in the area, swing on by to check it out!