The Evolution of Cowboy Boots

The evolution of cowboy boots is an interesting story which started in Europe and evolved through the American Cowboy's need for specific footwear to use on horseback wrangling cattle. Now today the cowboy boot has made it's way into everyday life as the dominant footwear for work and play. Used on the ranch, horseback and by construction workers work boots are designed with specific technology to be comfortable for all day wear and meet the demands of harsh work environments. One of the most dramatic evolution's of the cowboy boot is its entry into the fashion wardrobe. Today western fashion boots come in a variety of materials, colors and adornments.

This desire by men and women to add stylish footwear to their closet led to the creation of PFI's BootDaddy collection with top brands in the industry. BootDaddy boots are unique bold designs that don’t just fit your feet but fit your personality; boots that don’t just change your look but change your life.

Evolution of the Cowboy Boot

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