Boot Care

How To Care For Basic Leather Boots And Shoes

First, start with a soft brush. Brushing the boots or shoes will loosen most dirt and dust. Next, apply a good conditioner - either all purpose cleaner/conditioner or distressed cleaner/conditioner. The distressed conditioner should be used on oiled distressed or like-kind boots. All purpose conditioner can be used on all other boots. You will simply pour the cleaner/conditioner on a towel or rag or directly onto the boot and rub it into the leather. Let it dry, then buff lightly. After your boot is dry, apply a boot cream. Choose a color as close to the original color of your boot as possible. Apply with a soft cloth, rubbing it into the leather. Let it dry, then buff lightly.

Note: For distressed/oiled leather do not apply boot cream.

How To Care For Exotic Leather Boots

Lightly brush your boots to remove dirt. Next, spray on the exotic conditioner/cleaner, then wipe it off.

How To Care For Distressed Or Oiled Leather Boots

Use the same care procedure as for basic leather, excluding the boot cream. However, you may add the coats of mink oil to your boot if you wish.

Lastly, we do not recommend using saddle soap or Neets Foot Oil on boots.

If you still have some questions on the best way to care for your boots, give our boot department a call at 1-800-222-4734 and we would love to help!