Now that you have your conceal carry permit, it's time to learn how to properly carry! We'll start with the basics and give you some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to choose the right clothes and accessories. And if you have any questions, we'd be happy to chat with you in the comment box below đŸ™‚


Conceal Carry Clothing

Step One

Before you pick your outerwear, there's one super important factor that first-time shoppers overlook. The pocket! Especially if you're left-handed, be on the look-out for this detail so you can easily reach your gun. Some outerwear, like the BootDaddy Ranch Vests, are "ambidextrous"--meaning that there's a pocket for both right- and left-handed people.



Shell TEK Conceal Carry Vest

Rain: Think about how you're going to wear your vest or jacket. If you conceal carry every day--rain or shine--make sure you have something from our Shell TEK collection. The waterproof material keeps you, your handgun, and your ammo dry. That way, a little weather can't dampen your plans.

Cold: When you get into transitional weather, if it's a little too warm for a jacket but you still want the extra layers, our BootDaddy Ranch Vests will be the best pick. They come with a quilted polyester lining and a heavy-duty canvas duck exterior, which is a great balance in weight and comfort.


Conceal Carry Accessories

A conceal carry purse is a great way for the ladies to carry their gun if they don't want it bulging out of their clothing, or it can also be a gift idea. Whether you're treating yourself or shopping for a sister, a wife, or your mama, it's a really thoughtful choice that she will get plenty of use out of.

Here's a great place to start your search! Not only is a conceal carry purse practical, but you can often times find them in modern designs and fun prints.


Where to Find Conceal Carry Clothing

PFI Western Store is the place for you. We have conceal and carry vests, jackets, purses, and tons product knowledge to answer all of your questions. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned pro--PFI Western knows the ins and outs. Feel free to use the comment box below. Or you can give us a call at 800-222-4734. We'd be happy to help you find exactly what you need.