American Made Boots are a great option for a reliable pair of western boots that will never disappoint. So on this week's episode of Larry's Country Diner, we brought in two of our favorite pairs of Double H Boots. These cowboy boots have the Oak ICE Outsole, which is a heavy-duty rubber that offers traction like a tire. They're American Made Boots, built-in Pennsylvania.

Our first boot is the Double H DH4640. Our customers have been looking everywhere for round toe boots, and this one provides all the comfort and strength you need with just the right look. The Double H DH4851 is a square toe bison. It's not often that you get a work boot with exotic leathers, so it's sure to give you a little extra edge. They're both good, tough, American Made Boots.

Thank you for supporting the American Worker Campaign from Double H. We hope you come visit us in Springfield, Missouri on your way to Branson!




Performer: Exile

Season 19, Episode 3