You don’t need glass slippers to have a fairy tale wedding! With PFI Western Store’s assortment of sparkling cowgirl boots or sweet and simple western charm, you’ll look like a princess on your special day.

These wedding boots are perfect for the cowgirl who’s always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding at a scenic ranch or a special ceremony right at home. For even more fun, get the groom and wedding party in on the fun! Whether you’re riding your horse down the aisle or getting the whole family in on a line dance, imagine the fun you can have with the wedding photographer! With a whole ranch full of props, you can pose on hay bales, pickup trucks, and get plenty of shots out in the sun.

PFI Western Store carries a variety of beautiful wedding boots. Before you saddle up for the trail ride of life, make sure to pick out a well-loved favorite or design your own unique pair by calling a BootDaddy specialist at 800.222.4734.

Corral Women’s Embroidered Cowboy Boots

Corral Cowgirl Boots

After you’ve lassoed the heart of that special cowboy and are ready to ride off into the sunset, you can wear your wedding boots on anniversaries or special occasions. With elegant floral embroidery, these cowgirl boots by Corral are a sweet touch that you’ll love to show off with a high-low wedding gown.

Corral Women’s Glitter Inlay & Crystal Snip Toe Wedding Boots

Cowgirl Boots by Corral

These Corral cowgirl boots are a fashionable piece that make a stunning photograph element all on their own. Creating a unique invitation or thank you letter is as easy as filling the shaft with wedding flowers, surrounding the boots with tea light candles, propping up a chalkboard note, and taking a cute shot for a perfect keepsake. The beautiful crystal and glitter inlays will gleam beautifully throughout the night.

Corral Women’s Laser Cut Snip Toe Wedding Boots

Cowboy Boots for Women by Corral

Dance the night away with these silver wedding boots by Corral. As good as they’d look with a wedding gown, they also pair beautifully with a pair of nice jeans and are a fun keepsake so you can think back on your special day.

Corral Women’s Tooled Snip Toe Cowgirl Boots

Corral Women's Cowgirl Boots

For a traditional western wedding, these wedding boots have incredible detailing with crosses tooled subtly into the design. Whether you’re saying “I Do” at the alter or overlooking endless green fields, these wedding boots by Corral capture the heritage of your home. The attractive earthy brown is perfect to accent your bridal charm and also looks great on a group of bridesmaids.

PFIs BootDaddy Collection with Corral Women’s Glitter Inlay Snip Toe Cowboy Boots

Women's Corral Western Boots

These special BootDaddy wedding boots are perfect for a bride with edgy western style. The studded accents and swirled brown inlays are fun to show off on the dance floor, but won’t distract from the gown itself. For some photography fun, curl up in the grass to uncover the boots, get group photos with the wedding party, use an authentic barn-themed backdrop, or take photos of the bride and groom’s boots side by side.

PFIs BootDaddy Collection with Corral Women’s Embroidered Snip Toe Cowboy Boots

Corral Cowgirl Boots for Women

These fun wedding boots are ready for the adventure! Whether you’re sneaking the boots in under a full length gown or showing off your boots with a shorter skirt, the ivory embroidery and soft hues complement the bride’s natural beauty.

Montana Silversmith Jewelry

Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

For a little extra sparkle, don’t forget jewelry that’s a bride’s best friend! PFI Western’s BootDaddy collection of Montana Silversmith heart pieces was chosen for the stunning clarity that’s sure to stand out in the wedding album. Each piece gleams beautifully with a polished mirror-like silver finish and dazzling rhinestones. It’s easy to get carried away and go over budget while you’re getting ready for the big day, but you don’t have to settle for plain jewelry when Montana Silversmith’s heart collection is just as flattering and bright as a diamond! Also perfect for your maid of honor or a gift for each of the bridesmaids.