While sippin' on Pappy's secret shine and relaxin' on the front porch one day, the sweet smell of Gran's fresh apple dumplin' drifted out the screen window and whirled around us. It was right then and there that BootDaddy's Apple Dumplin' Moonshine was born.

Whether you like your shine hot or cold, you won't be able to resist the smooth taste of this Apple Dumplin' Moonshine deliciousness. Sip it over ice with apple juice or tea or make a hot toddy adding lemon and honey to soothe your cold. Add flavor to your favorite BBQ sauce, pancake syrup or as an injector for pork butts, ribs and ham. You can also soak your bacon before cooking to create an apple flavored bacon.

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Spirits distilled from corn and grain neutral spirits with apple and spices. Size 750ml, 17.5% Alcohol by volume (35 proof). "Your friends at BootDaddy.com remind you to drink responsibly"