Using great products and methods to care for and waterproof the leather of your favorite work or cowboy boots can drastically increase their life. We’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to protect your boots so they’ll last for years to come!


1. Silicone Polymer Spray

Silicone sprays work by adding a slightly slick coating to your boots so water and other liquids just slide right off the leather. These sprays are resistant to UV light, which will also aide in keeping the color of your leather looking fresh. Silicone sprays are a great option for suede or nubuck boots, but they can sometimes cause a drying effect and dry out the leather so it’s important to use them sparingly. A major benefit of the silicone polymer spray is that it is dried and ready to wear about 30 minutes after you apply it.

“Silicone spray keeps the water from seeping into my boots and makes the mud a lot easier to wipe off. It’s really easy to use and I only have to reapply every couple of months.” Frank T., Branson, MO.


2.Mink Oil

The most widely suggested method for waterproofing leather cowboy boots is using mink oil. This protects the leather from external abrasions that can come from salt, mud, and other elements. The process is a little more involved than the spray, but may also be more effective.

To apply the mink oil, just massage it into the leather, then use a blow dryer or set your boots in the sun to soften the oil. This will help it seep into the stitching more effectively. After the oil has soaked into the stitching as much as possible, use a white rag to wipe off the excess.

“After I applied the mink oil and let my boots sit in the sun for a few days, the water was running off the leather like water on a duck’s back.” Harold S., Lawrence, KS.

“I use mink oil on my cowboy boots because it works great without making them look waxy. I wear them while I work horses and while I hunt, so they go through a lot of wear and mink oil helps keep them in good shape. ” Hank E., Estes Park, CO.



Here are a few tips that can make your waterproofing regimen more effective.

  • If your boots have laces, remove them before cleaning or waterproofing.
  • Before you waterproof, make sure to clean your boots thoroughly with a brush and rag to remove dirt.
  • Always test a tiny area of the leather with whatever waterproofing method you choose before treating your entire boot to make sure it doesn’t affect the color, even if the manufacturer says it won’t.